Shakeology – Worth It?

I have just tried Shakeology for the 3rd day in a row. I have the chocolate. It came with 30 recipes and Pinterest has a ton more. I did not like the taste as much when I mixed it with just almond milk. I really love it when I actually make the shakes. I loved the pumpkin pie and the PB&J shakes! I have had a lot of bowel problems and took stool softeners daily and Miralax a few days a week just to have regular BMs. I stopped taking those the day I started Shakeology and I have had a BM every day. If it corrects my GI problems, then I’m sold!

I tried it and did notice improved energy and fullness that I hadn’t experienced with other protein powders, the problem for me personally besides the cost is the taste, much as everyone says it tastes great I just couldn’t stomach it without modifications.

Shakeology is not a protein powder so don’t compare it to such. It is apples vs oranges comparison. As described by Beachbody Coach, Nikki Reed in her blog post “Superfoods in Shakeology“, it contains some high quality natural ingredients gathered from around the world. You can’t compare this kind of natural food to heavily processed protein powder. Also pill-based vitamins are less absorbed than natural food.

It’s full of nutrient dense superfoods and drinking it daily has improved my energy levels, cleared up my skin, and reduced my cravings. I think the common misconception with Shakeology is in thinking it’s a weight-loss shake- it’s meant to be a dietary supplement and meal replacement that provides you with lots of vitamins and minerals. That being said, weight loss can come with drinking it because it can replace less healthy meals/snacks and curb cravings.

Jump Start with Strawberry Ripe Banana Smoothie – Recipe

Every summer, my family makes smoothies. I’ll share some words that I hope are helpful.

My first recommendation is to flat out stop drinking smoothies at retail stores. They are so sweet and if you are going for healthy at all, you won’t be able to achieve what are looking for.

I don’t have exact recipe but I can give you a sample of the proportions that my family would use.

Generic smoothy:

2 ripe bananas: These are the most important part because it is the base. We normally buy cheap over ripe bananas so that we can freeze them for smoothies.

2 cups of choice of_fruit: My family normally gets a big bag of mixed berries. My mom will put pineapple and mango together.

2 Tablespoons of Sugar, or Honey: This will need to be adjusted. What I do is if I need to transition my sweet limit for smoothies, I will make it not as sweet as the commercial smoothies. As time goes on you get used to that level and then you take it down a notch. Eventually you are using very little sweetener. On the rare occasions that I want my smoothies to taste sweet, I just add more. This part of the advice is dependent on your goals. Healthy, Cheap, what are you wanting.

Now the last thing: Depending on what you have Liquid (Milk, Water, Pineapple Juice)– Cover what you put in the blender with it. The reason why I don’t have a measurement for this is because it depends on if you want a smoothie that you drink through a spoon or one through a straw.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Now with that said, I can recommend you to websites such as AllRecipes or even a blender recipes . Type in smoothies and they will have several recipes and the people their comment on if they are good or any changes. For the blender, type in what brand you have and then smoothie recipes and they will have categories for you to choose from. I did a sample search with Vitamix and Ninja (which are blender brands I know) and they have a lot of resources for you.

If you have any other questions, I will actually make a smoothie and will take notes if you wish. I might also suggest a good old fashioned Youtube search too.

Find Some Good Smoothie Recipes here

Practical Prescription Of Green Tea Supplement

Drink green tea regularly.greentea

Is is generally seen as very health (protects from common disease states)

Take something to aid bioavailability (such as quercetin from onions and leeks. Is there enough quercetin in one apple to help? Camomile tea has quercetin in it… can we do a double-dip with green and camomile? Cranberry juice might work too.)

Take an EGCG supplement.

Don’t drink green tea on an empty stomach – or don’t drink much.

Drink decaf while resetting tolerance to caffeine (I suppose cycles differ depending on how much you take when you’re on it – six weeks on, two off for the average fittitor?)



SuperFoods Explained Well Here..

For those that have been left a bit confused, not saying that these so called superfoods are bad, not by any means! Saying that all fruit and vege are just about as nutritious as each other and you don’t need to be going go out and paying $$$

Although we would predict that many of these superfoods would have health benefits, based on their nutrient composition, there usually are far less expensive alternatives. For example, although Chia seeds and Acai juice both contain high levels of omega 3 fatty acids, which are recommended for the support of cardiovascular health by the AHA, omega 3’s are also found in flax seed, fish oil capsules (at $0.02/day) or even just salmon served 2 nights per week. There’s no reason to blow your money on superfoods unless you really enjoy their culinary attributes, which are often mediocre.

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Weight Loss Tip #1: Green Tea

Cup with green tea, with mint and  lemonWhenever I felt one of those cravings I would have a cup of green tea. It takes about 20 minutes to boil the water and wait for the tea to brew and cool down. After those 20 minutes the cravings have usually calmed down anyway but once you drink that green tea you will find it is the most amazing appetite suppressant. After a cup of green tea I don’t feel any hunger what so ever for 1 or even 2 hours.

Not to mention the fact that green tea is one of the healthiest things on the whole god damn planet. Just have a read of the health benefits(especially the ones related to weight loss) :

Trust me, go and buy a pack of green tea bags. You’ll thank me later :).

Welcome To My Health & Fitness Blog

Hello Readers!

Welcome to my health & fitness blog – a must-read for anyone on aiming to lose a lot of acid from his body. Your body is either Acidic or Alkaline; Acid is Bad and Alkaline is GOOD. Since our diets and lifestyles pump us up with damaging acid, it’s important to consume alkalizing foods and minerals every days so that your body doesn’t deplete its own resources trying to neutralize all that acid. Taking Daily Greens drinks and Minerals neutralize the acids in your body, naturally promoting a healthy alkaline level. Use it every day and get off your acid.

I get asked a lot of questions on my Twitter page so I’m hoping to be able to provide more information on this blog regarding –

• The workouts that I do and workout tips/advice;

• The organic foods that I eat to get off acid from body;

• Healthy green drink recipes; and

• Motivation!

You’ll find a lots of common sense stuff about green energy drinks available in market which can be sorely lacking in the online fitness community!